Book: The Art of Partner Stretching

Book: The Art of Partner Stretching

-- Ebook Release date: 21 July 2020 --

Flexibility is important no matter what your passion is - the gym, a sport, fitness, acro yoga, massage muscle rehabilitation or feeling better about yourself.

But stretching can be boring and repetitive.

Adding the magical touch of a partner can make your flexibility workout a whole lot more fun and effective! A partner can help you increase your range of motion by correcting, guiding and assisting you to hold your stretch.

This book aims to be a visual reference guide so that two people can follow the illustrations and give each other a full body stretch. Here is what to expect:

        Each stretch contains an explanation of muscles targeted, steps and where relevant, tips, cautions and progressions.

·        60 beautiful photographs, many with added artistic touches, demonstrate each stretch.

·        A diagram explaining basic human anatomy

·        Logically sequenced stretches so that no muscle group is forgotten.

·        For couples this is a fun way to connect and play with each other.

·        It’s a book written by a beginner for beginners. So everything is explained in simple terms with no assumption of prior knowledge.

But most importantly, as you practice these poses, the power of human touch and the energy flows between us will become evident! It is possibly the best way to de-stress after a long day on your job.

This book is part of a forthcoming series on Acro Yoga (Partner Acrobatics). The book will contain basic Acro Yoga poses and how to build the strength and flexibility to achieve them.

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