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Glamping for Weddings in Perth

Updated: May 2, 2022

Wild Cleanse specialise in providing glamping solutions for weddings and special events. Key benefits of using luxury bell tents for your wedding:

  1. Keep your guests on the wedding site with you

  2. If you are in rural areas, the quality of local accommodation may be limited, drab or not up to standards

  3. Avoid the risk of guests driving drunk to their accommodation

  4. With our wedding's specialist Monique, we can customise the wedding to suit your theme.

  5. Add a luxurious touch that looks amazing in photos and Instagram!

  6. Brides have said that our tents were the highlight of their event.

  7. Guests have been amazed at how spacious the tents are and how much attention to detail we put in

  8. By creating a website to take and manage the bookings and payments, it takes away the pressure from the bride and groom.

  9. No power, no problem! We have best in class power solution that do not rely on noisy generators.

For more information contact Manu 0400 004 414 or email: Monique.

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