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Australian Bush Survival Guide

  • Can you make a fire without matches?

  • Can you find North with only a stick and a couple of rocks?

  • Did you know that (in case of a snake bite) tying a tourniquet too tight might mean you have to amputate the limb?

A few key skills and knowledge could one day save your live or that of a loved one. This 13 page guide covers the basics like prioritising, mindset, shelter, water, fire, food, tools, knots, survival kits and a whole lot more. A detailed book would be hundreds of pages long; instead, the aim of this guide is to give a beginner a logical framework and an overview with links to progress their journey and start the thinking process.

This is a companion booklet to our upcoming Bush Survival course in September 2022. More info here: Facebook or Website. For feedback or if you want to make a donation (A$5 suggested) please use paypal

This is a draft version only and is under review by Terry, Adventure Out. Manu has uploaded it here to get comments.

Australian Bush Survival Skills
Download PDF • 13.00MB

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