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Are you ready to plunge into acro yoga?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

From communities in Medellin, Colombia and festivals in Estonia to the shores of Perth, there is a growing global movement in a new discipline - Acro Yoga. But what is it?

Firstly its not yoga, because it does not have the boring, repetitive nature and yoga's spiritual leanings are replaced by a more fun atmosphere.

Acro yoga is when 2 or more people balance on top of each other. For me, its an art form. Its a creative display of the human body as a living sculpture. To get in to the positions requires creativity, strength, flexibility and trust. And the communities that are built around it are super fun!

Come and try it every Tue 6pm in East Perth for free. Contact Manu.

#beginnersyoga #yogapractice

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