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We take people on unique adventures: Rock climbing in Kalbarri, Acro Yoga in Dwellingup, Costuming in beachside Binningup and a fitness weekend in Moore River where we had organised a giant Slip and Slide. Each retreat is different. This is not a cookie cut experience.

In Aug 2020, we rented out an entire club and invited our artist performer friends to showcase their diverse talents including Shibari, Fire, Acro Yoga, Handstands and Flexibility.

Also, see Manu's island resort in India, Bamboostix


Dark Moon Sound Healing

Fri 12 Mar 2021

Set amongst the stone walls of the Perth hills, Sascha Martineau mesmerised everyone with her voice, handpan, gong, and singing bowls. No matter what stress you are going through in life, the frequencies will cleanse you of them even if only for this evening.


Kalbarri Rock Climbing

28-31 Aug 2020

Rock Climbing and Abseiling were the main goals in the breath-taking gorges of Kalbarri.  The small group bonded over Acro Yoga, Yarning Session with a local Indigenous Elder, Kayaking, Good Food, Great Company.

The highlight of the trip was night-time sound and visual experience we had created in the gorges. No photo or video can capture that. 


Dwellingup Acro Yoga

24 - 27 July 2020

"Looking forward to the healing" said one of the guests. It's when I realised that I had focused only on the acro yoga strength and fitness side of things. So, when Laila from Margaret River came over to do the sound healing session on the first night, it set everyone's minds at ease. Ready to take in the challenges we had planned for them with the amazing Acro Yoga teacher Tori from Fireflight yoga. And did we mention the food? Tommo, as usual, was his impressive, creative self.


Costuming for Blazing Swan: Binningup

March 2019

Many of our friends wanted costumes for Blazing Swan. They had the ideas in their heads but not the skills to bring them to life. So we rented out a beach house down south and got my fashion designer friend Marianna Kuklinska to teach us all how to sew. People said that it changed their life! And they looked amazing too!


Flexibility and Strength Weekend

Moore River, WA

No matter what sport you are in to, you need flexibility and strength! So we invited the amazing Nevio to give us an intensive introduction! 

So we rented a couple of homes in Margaret River and 21 people had an amazing time! Especially on the second day when we did a 35m slip and slide from the dunes in to the river. 

Our head chef Tommo made sure that we were very well fed. Guilia Bianchi celebrated her birthday with us!


Bamboostix Island Resort

2007 Alleppey, Kerala, India

01BS rooftop.jpg
03 Dinner.jpg
04 bunk
05 Kayak Tours 01.jpg
06 wild lotuses around lake.jpg
07 Bamboostix Buddha Jump.jpg
07 bed dorm.JPG
08 Reception inside.jpg
09 Kayak Tours 02.jpg
10 furniture making course.jpg
11 CandleLightDinners.jpg
12Laura Goujon 2011 w Sophie Tessier.jpg
14 HouseBoat.jpg
14Houseboat Attic.jpg
14Houseboat Bath tub.jpg
14Houseboat Captain.JPG
BS Roof and wall exterior.jpg
BS view paddy field.jpg
Bamboostix Lakeside Color.jpg
Bunk Bed in reception.jpg
Dinner at Malayalam Resort 0510.JPG
Fire twirling.jpg
Guest relaxing.jpg
Kerala Houseboat 05.JPG
Reception from front.jpg
Solja Istu Laika 0907.jpg
admin room on side.jpg
before we bought.jpg
bldg to reception.jpg
boat sky shopped.jpg
building natural pool.jpg
building window.jpg
bunk bed.jpg
chillout area 02.jpg
chillout area.jpg
dining area.jpg
entertainment options.jpg
field view.jpg
houseboat view.jpg
laundry room.jpg
outdoor dining.jpg
reception banana tree.jpg
restaurant dining block.jpg
restaurant sitting.jpg
rooftop dining.jpg
rooftop view.jpg
sitting area.jpg
swing reception.jpg
view near restaurant.jpg
water landing.jpg

In 2007, Manu built and operated a 42 bed, backpacker hostel on an island in Kerala, Southern India. 

Constructed with the maximum use of bamboosticks, coconut tree trunks and thatched leaves, it was a haven for travelers. People who visited said it was the best food they had ever eaten. 

Manu was a pioneer in organising self paddled canoe trips, overnight cycling trips through the tranquil villages and much more. 



45 St George's Tce, Perth, Western Australia

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