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Near-Realistic Outback Survival Experience

A realistic survival adventure through the remote and pristine Kimberley region.

Follow footsteps of the First Nation’s Peoples, as you spend 7 days navigating 65km on an ancient, relatively untouched wilderness area starting with the Chamberlain river that cuts through sandstone plateaus to create stunning waterfalls and deep gorges.

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Meet your Guide

Terry Hewett

Leading the group is Terry Hewett, Director, Adventure Out. Terry is an Order of Australia medalist (OAM) for service to adventure tourism and charities. He has served 12 years in the military of which 10+ years in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). He has a Commendation for Bravery (CDFS - Military). Regards survival training in the SAS, Terry provided training whilst in the Regiment, and ran for 16 years a survival course at TAFE that also included mining groups as clients.


The Experience

From Kununurra, Northern Territory, we get in to a small (~6 seater) charter aircraft that will drop us 180 kms SW to a dirt airstrip near the Chamberlain River. The area is marked as a question mark on Google Maps! Yup, thats off the charts!

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The Area

The whole area is considered trackless. In comparison to towns and cities, there are no buildings, no fencing, no tracks or roads, no signage nor a badge wearing authority telling you what is allowed and not allowed. You have to use your own skills, or acquire them from the instructor/group and collectively negotiate 65km of rugged Australian Outback to Kachana Station, the nearest exit point. Rescue in this remote region will be difficult so don’t fxxx it up (-;

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Bushcraft Skills and Knowledge

The initial days will be getting out of our city slicker, everything is provided at the swipe-of-a-card mentality and learn how to survive in the unforgiving Australian Outback. This will including acquiring a Survival Mindset and bushcraft knowledge and skills. This include:
1.    Terrain knowledge and awareness
2.    Risk assessment
3.    Shelter building
4.    Fire starting
5.    Water Sourcing & Purification
6.    Hunting
7.    Signalling & Rescue Planning
8.    Bush Tools
9.    First Aid
10.    Hygiene
11.    Navigation

In addition, you will learn how to make knots, build a raft and abseil with a harness self-styled out of rope.

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Weight restrictions on the light charter aircraft that will land on a remote airstrip means limited luggage. Luckily, the rivers are full on unpolluted fish and wild cattle can be ‘harvested’ to supplement the limited rations.

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Kimberley Region

The Kimberley is one of Australia's most pristine environments and probably the world's due to large scale deforestation in the Amazon and increasing resource exploitation in other areas. The region’s remoteness, even in the 21st century, has created undisturbed landscapes that have great biological diversity that supports plant and animal species found nowhere else on the Australian continent. The region also provides important geological and fossil evidence of Australia's evolutionary history.

Aboriginal Hunter

Indigenous History

Indigenous inhabitants arrived in the Kimberley between 45,000 and 60,000 years ago. There are more than 30 Aboriginal tribes, each with their own language and many with unique cultural practices. Rock art dotted throughout the land is a sign of their long connection to these lands. The history of European settlement brought a lot of development but is tainted with evidence of slavery in the pearling and pastoral industries.

However, today, indigenous arts, culture, tourism and businesses are stronger than they have been in recent history. No trip to the Kimberley would be complete without taking time to learn about the history of the First Nation’s peoples.

Image by René Riegal

Who else is in the neighbourhood?

Have you heard of El Questro station? Less than 50km from Kachana station (the end of our trip) is a super luxury, American-owned, homestead on 700,000 acres which offers amongst other things private helicopter trips to fish for barramundi.

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Toilet and Showers

Adventure Out (AO)
Terry, our guide and instructor, is the Director of AO and Andrew McLaren will be in charge of logistics. Since 1986, AO has been running outback adventures all across Australia, from WA’s Southwest, Perth, Kimberley, Papua New Guinea & everywhere in-between. AO specialise in taking anyone anywhere, from abseiling Bluff knoll to rock climbing Margaret River, bushcraft-survival treks through the Kimberley & historical treks along the Kokoda Track.

Wild Cleanse
Wild Cleanse runs fitness in nature retreats and glamping hire in Perth and Exmouth. We work with Adventure Out to offer extreme adventures like rock climbing and bush survival.


Price and Booking

This is a small group tour of ~10 people. The price is $4,730 and includes the charter flight from Kununurra but not the airfare (from Perth or other city) to Kununurra.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

100% refundable before 1 August 2021. You may still be charged for your Perth-Kununurra travel by your airline.

To further discuss and to book your adventure, please contact Manu on 0400 004 414  or

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What is the fitness level required?

A base level of fitness is required. Please check with your GP and ask us if you have specific health issues.


Doing our Perth Weekend Course would definitely be helpful. Next session is 25-27 June. See here.


While we can take precautions, its raw nature out there. Snakes, crocodiles, wild cattle are plentiful. There is a danger around the gorges and abseiling.  Rescue is by helicopter. Please get proper advice and then decide if this tour is for you.

What should I bring?

A list will be provided but not much. A sharpe knife and a camera!

Meeting in Kununurra

Details on where to meet before and after the trip will be provided.


Please check with your insurance provider if you are covered for this tri

What if I need rescue?

Evacuation by helicopter is possible

What kind of people can I expect?

A person who commits to this kind of experience is obviously gonna be awesome!

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Free: Introduction to Australian Bush Survival

This 13 page guide will cover all the basic topics you will need to start your survival journey. Collated by Manu before the last weekend course in Perth, it has a wealth of knowledge and lots of links. Please contact Manu for an electronic copy.