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Fitness in Nature Retreats

In December 2020, we hired a farm in Albany and set it up for a month of fitness and adventure. Here is what people said about it.

Fitness in Nature: Video

Wild Cleansing

Instead of lifting weights at a gym, Calisthenics promotes using your bodyweight and minimal equipment to build a beautiful physique that is not only strong but flexible.

In addition to the pure aesthetics of a physique the goal is to have a functional body where you can do handstands, flips, cartwheels, skin the cat and muscle ups. 

Adding Partner Yoga to this adds another level of flexibility and strength. The shapes you make are artistic.

PS Photo0014 BehindHead ChestStretch Che


Sitting in an office chair, spending excessive time on screens and ageing will all contribute to your muscles and joint getting stiffer in positions they were not meant to be. 

We make flexibility fun especially by adding in some fun partner stretches that will fasten you extending your range of motion.

You can also buy Manu's book on Partner Stretches here.  

Depositphotos_194242534_l-2015 Gymnastic

Gymnastics Rings

You can get a complete upper body workout using only gymnastics rings. Because the rings are moving and unstable, they recruit a lot more muscle groups to maintain stability. Hang them on a tree and benefit from the oxygen and purer air.

Parallettes Langley p2.jpg


While we love them for shoulder/handstands, there are some fun partner games you can play on them. Jumping in to a shoulder/handstand from varying leg positions is a great way to build your core strength too.

1Elska Manu Sunset Ass.jpg

Acro Yoga

Alternately called Partner Acrobatics, so that it is not confused with Yoga, Acro Yoga requires two or more people with at least one person balancing on the base(s). This requires a whole lot more strength, flexibility, communication and trust. To see more photos and learn a bit more go here

Nutrition Sprouted Dark Chick Peas.jpg


How much protein do you need? Carbs are needed for energy but unused ones will turn to fat and processed carbs will burn too quickly and have unwanted effects. 

Doing the exercises is easy compared to investing the time and having the disciple to follow a diet plan.

At our retreats we provide you balanced, nutritious meals. 

Fitness in Nature: Past Retreats

Fitness in Nature Philosophy

The Art of Body Sculpting

We are constantly trying to surround ourselves with beautiful things: clothes, flowers, restaurants, homes, peoples, paintings, photos, electronics and natural environments. This is because beauty has an instant effect on our mood and our perception of everything around us. Subconsciously, it improves our sense of self worth, our health, our cognitive functions and our success in relating to others.

What about your own beauty? In a sense we owe it to others to present our best selves since we are part of their visual experience. I realised this when I was at Burning Man 2011. When someone dressed up in mind-blowing costume, the experience of everyone around them was enriched. Now multiply that by 5,000 people in amazing costumes! At first I thought costumes were purely egotistical, the person was doing it for themselves. I then realised, the entire community benefited from people looking, feeling and acting amazing.  

In another sense, beauty in nature is a sign of good health, like a peacock's feathers or lush green leaves on a tree. When we choose fitness we are choosing a healthy body and the discipline that requires resets our gut and rewires our brain for success in other parts of life.

What about the internal beauty? 

A person is beautiful when they are at peace with themselves and with others. Instead of anger they display empathy, instead of frustration, they display understanding other points of view. There is beauty in sadness but there is a difference in how people handle sad situations that can make it beautiful or not.

Our philosophy at Wild Cleanse is that your body is a beautiful work of art. If you have let it become covered in layers of fat (as we all do at some point in life!), the pursuit of perfection will bring about discipline and a sense of achievement that will affect your success in other part of life including your work and relationships.

We use calisthenics and nutrition to sculpt our bodies, acro yoga to help us see our bodies as an art form and to build trust and connection with others and we do this in natural settings so that we re-connect with the beautiful planet we are so fortunate to be experiences in the present.

Below we provide a brief explanation of these concepts.

Fitness in Nature: About

Free Calisthenics in the City

Every Tue 6pm we meet in Langley Park, opposite Crowne Plaza Hotel, East Perth for a flexibility, calisthenics and acro yoga session. We then have a nutritious shared meal after. Please contact us for more details.  BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.

Come and try out a free session every Tuesday.

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