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Common Questions

How are our retreats different?

Wild Cleanse focuses on unique experiences with a focus on fitness. For example:

1. The opportunity to rock climb in Kalbarri is open to only a select few elite climbers and their mates.

2. The Bush Survival weekend could help you save a life!

3. The Dwellingup retreat introduced people to acro yoga but also had ecstatic dancing, sound healing, breathwork, flexibility, calisthenics, yin yoga and the fabulous meals cooked on an open fire. 

4. Future treks, climbs, kayaks are being planned in places that will be just as unique.

5. Our groups are young, fun and friendly. Open to single adventurers as well as groups.

6. The food is exceptional. Manu used to own a restaurant and a resort.   

Here are common questions answered for you. 

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Can I come alone?

Absolutely! Most people on the retreats are young, fun and adventurous. Risk takers perhaps. A common comment we see is that people are bored in their existing group of friends and are looking for some excitement beyond the ordinary. They were initially scared of coming on their own but when they find that all the others are in the same situation, it is very easy to connect.

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What is the quality of the rooms?

Every retreat is different and in a different location. Mostly, we have hired luxury homes. In October 2020 we are investing in Glamping tents and sourcing very unique locations. Our aim is human connection, fitness and entertainment and a setting in nature will help us all achieve that.

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