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Bush Survival Course

(No dates announced for the next trip)

If your car stalled or got bogged in a remote area, should you stay with the car or go to find help?

If it got cold at night, can you start a fire without matches?

Did you know you animals and birds can lead you to a water source?
Can you find North without any tools?

What are your priorities?

A superfun weekend learning bushcraft and bush survival skills and knowledge.  Experience the survival mindset and learn how to set priorities based on actual survival experiences. For example, contrary to what most people believe, finding food will rarely be a high priority.

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Free Survival Guide

This 13 page guide covers the basic of survival topics and will be essential pre-reading to prepare you make the most out of Terry's vast experience.

Lots of links will provide you with further reading. Get it for free by subscribing to for event updates from Wild Cleanse.

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Survival skills could one day save a life.

How long would we last if we were taken out of our city-slicker 'everything is provided in exchange for a card swipe' setting and put in the Australian Bush?

We have lost connection to nature.

Wild Cleanse invites you to re-connect with Mother Earth. Learn how to build your own shelter, light fires, sharpen tools, collect water, find food (base rations provided) and re-connect with some fun humans who want to do the same.

One day your skills could possibly save a life of a family, friend or a complete stranger. 

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The topics are designed to cover the basics of survival like Shelter, Water, Fire, Food, Hygiene, Teamwork and Navigation. But just as important is your morale and attitude. So, we have a group game too! Yes survival is serious but if you know Manu, you know this will be a whole lot of fun, you will meet some interesting people and it will be a fab learning experience.


Friday 4pm

Build a tarp/branch shelter
Prepare a campfire meal

Making Fire without matches

Make your own fire drill

Tools and knife sharpening
Basic Knots

Cleaning and cooking game

(vegetarians dont have to particiapte)


Bites and Poisons

Practise skills from Saturday

How to find and collect water
Skills Consolidation and Assessment Archery

-- Finish around noon --


Price: Early bird (May 2022) $500 per person all inclusive. Regular $575

Low income Students/Pensioner: $500.

Part Payment options available. Cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano accepted.

50% refundable up to 1 month before the event. 25% cancellation charge prior to one week.

$0 transfer fee.

To avoid bank fees, please do a direct bank transfer to: Extreme Me Pty Ltd
BSB:     302162
Bank    1820170

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If you book the June course and pay before 15 May, you will get a survival kit for free! 

The Survival kit has been designed by Western Australia's own Bob Cooper and its 26 pieces, weighing less than 500gms has the key essentials for a survival situation.

Bush Survival Perth: Features

Photos from the last course

In April 2021, 11 of us went to Jarrahdale to learn bushcraft skills at the survival course with Terry. Here are some pictures.

Bush Survival Perth: Text
Bush Survival Perth: Pro Gallery


Albany Fitness and Camping Retreat

In December 2020, we rented out a farm in Albany and ran a fitness and camping retreat for a month.  Check out the event and some of the testimonials.

Bush Survival Perth: Video


Do I need any experience to join?

No whether you are beginner or a wannabe doomsday prepper, we will cater to all levels. Just come with an open mind. A basic level of fitness is required for all Wild Cleanse events.


We will build our own shelters from available trees/shrubs and some provided materials. Only bring a sleeping bag. If coming late, we can organise something easier to setup.


Drinking water is available. No showers; please bring a solar shower bag if you want to have one.

A pit toilet will be dug. 

In addition, there is a toilet and a shower in the main house 250m away. But we will avoid using it unless for a pre-approved use.

Telecoms and Intern

The telecoms network runs out just before the last turn-off. So make sure you understand the map provided in your information pack. The main house has a Telstra modem that can be activated in spare times; but avoid if not necessary.

Can I come alone?

75% of people at our retreats have come on their own. In general, we seem to attract a young-ish (20's-40's), single crowd. We understand the apprehensions of solo travelers and will do our best to ensure you have a safe and fun experience.

What should I bring?

A list will be provided to all attendees. In short, not much! A blunt kitchen knife, sleeping bag, torch, sunscreen and repellent are the most basic things required.

Do not bring: your own food unless you have dietary restrictions that we cannot meet. Deodorants or luxury items.

How do I get there?

A map with the location will be sent out closer to the date. 1 hour drive from Perth. Plenty of parking. Regular car access. Please car pool if possible via our Facebook event post on this topic.


We know how attached you are to your pets. However, they may attack or scare the native wildlife. So in general no pets but we will make exceptions on a case by case basis. Please ask.

But I dont need survival skills

Do you like to go off the beaten path?

What if your partner was injured on a trek and cannot move?

Nobody expects to get kidnapped or escape a hostile person.

Have you not seen Wolf Creek? Lolz.

What was the probability of a war with China in 1990? What is it today? What is it going to be 2025?

People end up in survival situations without choice or notice.

I cant make it on Friday

Its okay, if you come late we will create a tarp shelther for you. If you come early Saturday we can cover that module on Sunday for you.

Bush Survival Perth: FAQ
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