Acro Yoga

Your Body, Your Art.

Acro or Partner Yoga is very different from yoga since the dynamics of adding in a second, or more, people brings in elements of strength, trust, communication, community and connection.

For us, Acro is an Art Form. We can create beautiful shapes using just our bodies. 

If you are looking for some motivation to get in to better shape, increase your strength and flexibility, then give Acro a try with our free jams every Wednesday in East Perth. 

Manu traveled to communities in Estonia, Berlin, Tokyo, Croatia and Colombia to experience this growing, global phenomenon.

The link below contains more information about the origins of acro yoga. And the photos will give you a better idea.


Acro Yoga Jams

Acro Yoga jams in Perth CBD.

Wed 630pm: 151 Adelaide Tce, East Perth. Free.

Bookings essential. Please text or call 0400 004 414.